Monday, June 28, 2010

As a prayer warrior and faith consultant one of the first things I do with people is just start talking with them.  I allow them to talk.  I ask the questions God leads me to ask to get to the root of the situation so I know how to pray.  I don't like to waste time.  That doesn't mean I rush things.  I go at God's pace in the conversation.  But I do like getting right to the point.  For some people that's just too much, too much information so you have to go slower. 

What do you want?   Jesus asked the same question.  What is it that YOU want?  That doesn't always mean of course what He wants for you, but communicating with God where you are at is important.

He loves our honesty with Him.  And He LOVES FAITH.  He loves the fact that you would even bother asking someone like me for advice.  He honors faith most of all.

I would pray with you and for faith...leaving the results with God and giving Him all the praise and glory.  And I don't pray "if" prayers about things I KNOW HE is sure of for you.  For example, I KNOW that He wants people healed, to provide every need, and for people to be safe.  I don't pray "Lord, if it be thy will please heal so and so of cancer"  NO!  I can't stand that! 

"By His stripes we WERE healed"  By His stripes we ARE healed" his Word says. 

Okay this is all for today!  Thank you so much for stopping by.  Please leave your comments as you're led.  God bless YOU!  Love, Wandafay

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